I AM the Light

Thought of the Week by Lisa Ferraro

The following is the lyric to a song I wrote called, I am the Light.
May you find the peace of the eternal light ever leading you to your highest and best life.  The one your Soul knows how to live!


I AM the Light


I Am the Light
Found in all that you can see
I am the one
The one and only, that is me
I send my Love
through every heart you call your friend
and then through the hearts of those you don’t know at all.


I am the Sun
of the rain I send away
I am the one
who watches over night and day
I send my Love
through the brightness in each ray
And then through my warm caress upon your face


No place can you be without me
For everywhere you go I AM
Though you walk through the darkness of delusion
until you reach out for my hand.


No place can you hide from me
For every place you know I’ve been
And with my loving eyes I’ll find you
And gently bring you back into your home within.


Love and many blessings,