Lisa Ferraro

Personal Growth & Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Mentor

WHOLE-istic Coaching ™

Lisa is Motivating, Inspiring, Leading, and Demonstrating by Example.

Lisa Ferraro was born with an intuitive and inquisitive mind.

Her illustrious career as a singer began as easy as breathing – she could hear music in nature and feel it in her bones.

Aside from that, she has extensive experience in business, finance, and psychology. As individuals were moved by the ministry of her musical talent, her poised stage presence, her sense of humor, her business savvy, and overall inspirational presence, they asked, “Can you help me?

A coach was born. And not just any coach as you can see by here certifications:

Lisa is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Her primary area of expertise is in Personal Growth & Empowerment.

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Tom Rausch, Life On Purpose Coach

I love helping people live a life of maximum impact, a life guided by purpose in partnership with their inner wisdom.

It is every human being’s birthright to have a daily intimate conversation with God. For those of us who wish to change the world, it is a sacred duty.

My clients will tell you the results are life-transforming.

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